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Sidekick Dog Club was founded on a couple of guiding principles. Provide an exceptional service at an affordable price while maintaining the highest level of care for the families that put trust in us. We know that every dog and family are different and that there is not a single approach to meet every goal. We designed our programs to provide support to each and every family regardless of their needs. Some of us are struggling with a dog who has problems sharing or acts out with aggression. Some of us have a puppy who we want to get started off right for a life of great times. Some of us have a dog who just needs more exercise than our busy schedules will allow. Regardless of your situation or need we can develop a custom program so you can achieve your goals. Everyone can use a Sidekick.

Why us?

Because we were just like you. Every member of our team started their journey with a special needs dog.

We all understand how frustrating it can be to not know where to turn for help or wondering if you can trust the advice you receive.