Welcome to The Club

Sidekick Academy now enrolling!

Choose to send your Sidekick on Mondays and/or Fridays

We are beginning with our Elementary level.  

Click on our Service page for details!! 

Text Chad with questions and/or reservations!

We are also offering phone/video consultations!  Need help with loose leash walking?  Thought about how to deal with separation anxiety when we all go back to work and play?  There are techniques you can work on now!  Give us a call or send us a text to (980) 255-3695

Sidekick Dog Club was designed for you and your dog, your Sidekick. We are a team of dedicated dog professionals committed to strengthening the bond between people and their canine companions. Our philosophy is to teach a dog how to think and make the right decisions.

We use unique methods developed over years of experience to get results that last a lifetime. We believe training should be fun for everyone. We do not use or endorse the use of choke, pinch, or shock collars. 

We would rather teach our friends what to do, instead of punishing them for doing the wrong things. 

Training only offers one piece of the puzzle. Exercise, socialization, impulse control techniques, and relationship based learning are also important to becoming a well rounded Sidekick.

Your dog's mental health is vital for a happy life for your dog and the rest of your family. You trust your Veterinarian with your dog's medical health. You feed them a high quality food so they get the nutrition they need. You buy them toys to entertain them. We are here to help when you have behavior concerns or just want something fun to do with your Sidekick!